fredag 27. august 2010

Støtteerkæring fra WBSB

Det norske speiderløfte er, som kjent,  ikke relevant for buddhistiske speidere. Under følger en støtteerklæring fra WBSB i forhold til ønsket om et relevant speiderløfte for buddhister.

Dear Scouter,

My name is Troll and I am the Secretary General of the World Buddhist Scout Brotherhood.

The WBSB holds consultative status with the WOSM and is active across Asia.
We have several Buddhist members in Norway who have formed the Norsk Buddhistisk Speiderfellesskap as the Norwegian branch of the WBSB.

I have noticed that the Norwegian Scout Promise says “open to God” Unlike the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Buddhists do not believe in a creator deity, so open to God would not be a relevant promise.

In the UK a Scout has the option to replace the word “God” with the word “Dhamma”, which is a Buddhist term relating to the Buddha’s teachings, and the path that a Buddhist follows to reach enlightenment.

Would it be possible for the promise for Norwegian Buddhists to be amended to “open to Dhamma” I appreciate that only 0.4% of Norwegians are Buddhist, but I would like to support the Norsk Buddhistisk Speiderfellesskap in being able to say a Scout promise that is relevant to them.

Yours in Scouting

Secretary General – World Buddhist Scout Brotherhood